From the time that Suharto seized power in 1968 until the end of his 32-year reign in 1998, it has been widely reported that the Suharto family took part in corrupt activities and human rights violations, which includes the murder of as many as one million Indonesians.

“Under Suharto, corruption was a well-managed franchise, like McDonald’s or Subway.”
– Robert Edward Elson, Suharto’s Autobiographer


lynch mob jakarta
Lynch mob in Jakarta, Indonesia during ‘anti-communist’ purge under Suharto
Photo via genocideindonesia1965.blogspot.com

Suharto originally gained power in 1967 amid social upheaval and extreme violence as a result of an attempted coup against former President Sukarno.

  • During Suharto’s takeover of the Indonesian government, a reported 500,000 Indonesians were slaughtered during an ‘anti-communist’ purge under his direction.
  • In 1991, hundreds of Timorese pro-independence demonstrators were killed during the Dili Massacre by Suharto’s army.
  • Rampant allegations exist that Suharto stole land under the guise of the Land Administration Project for his personal benefit at the Suharto Ranch at Tapos and the Cimacan golf course.
  • Suharto actively engaged in taking privately owned land from Indonesian citizens for government use and personal enjoyment. Opposition against this practice resulted in Suharto accusing resistors of being members of the PKI communist party.
  • Suharto’s regime was responsible for the death of over 500,000 political opponents according to The Guardian.


“Everybody knew how much you had to pay and to whom. Suharto didn’t invent the depth and breadth of corruption. What he did was to manage it on a scale that no one had ever been able to do before.”
– Robert Edward Elson, Suharto’s Autobiographer

Suharto’s son, Tommy Suharto’s past is also filled with corruption convictions and other legal incidents. He is viewed by many in Indonesia as a corrupt individual who has personally benefited at the expense of the citizens of his country through his history of bribery and unethical land acquisition.

  • In 2000, Tommy was convicted of corruption for using $11 million in government money in a land scam and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but this conviction was overturned in 2001.
  • During the time that Tommy escaped from prison, the Supreme Court Justice who convicted him was murdered.